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photo by Efrat Mazor


The piece deals with stories of wanderings in Caucasus region , an action that appears in different ways in ancient Caucasian cultures. The nomads move from place to place and do not live in a permanent way in any specific place, mostly they return to the place from whence they came. The not-knowing, question of life and death and hope of return encompasses the everyday experience of those that were left behind and does not relent on their spirits. The piece offers and intimate glance into the internal-home happenings, to the world of longing, yearning and consolation of two women who share the fate of a life of wanderings in an abandoned space. 

Choreography, Stage Design: Stav Struz Boutrous

Dancer Creators: Meshi Olinky, Stav Struz Boutrous

Artistic Advising: Adi Boutrous

Lighting Design: Ofer Laufer

Soundtrack Design and Edit: Adi Boutrous, Stav Struz Boutrous

Costumes: Marina Golodriga, Stav Struz Boutrous

'Nomads' premiered at the Inbal Dance Theater 2022. Nomads was produced with the support of the Independent Creators’ Fund of the Ministry of Culture and Sport and through the support of the Inbal Dance Theater and the residency program of Ifat Galinsky’s Studio NIA+.

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