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Choreography, Performance and Stage Design: Stav Struz Boutrous

Artistic Advising: Adi Boutrous

Lighting design:  Amir Castro

Costumes: Marina Golodriga, Stav Struz Boutrous

Soundtrack design and edit: Adi Boutrous, Stav Struz Boutrous

Sepia is a feminine martial dance, which allows an intimate gaze at the world of combat, focused on the Khorumi dance- a traditional Georgian war dance and the stages of combat that inspired the construction of this piece: searching, invitation, combat and victory. 

The Khorumi dance depicts the life of a Georgian warrior in centuries past, the bravery and lust for battle of the soldiers.

‘Sepia’ premiered as part of the Between Heaven and Earth Festival in 2021 under the artistic direction of Tammi Itzhaki.

The production was supported by the National Lottery Association’s Culture Council and the Movement Studio of Ifat Galinsky NIA+. 

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