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Farwell is a tribute to our relationship with death, a lamentation dance for those no longer with us. The work follows the poetics of mourning, physical obituaries, and the idea of letting go of a person or a group. Different forms of farewell, personal and group, merge, binding each other with the fate of grief and shared memory. Events of parting occur continuously in every aspect of our lives: from our homes, from loved ones, from time-periods, and from our homeland. These are events that leave their mark as if inviting us to explore, search for the meaning and deeply acknowledge their existence.

Choreography, stage design, costumes: Stav Struz Boutrous
Dancer creators: Yael Sofer Samson, Andrey Deutsch, Yarin Yosef, Stav Struz Boutrous
Artistic advising: Adi Boutrous
Lighting design: Amir Castro 
Soundtrack design and edit: Adi Boutrous, Stav Struz Boutrous
Photographer: Zohar Ron

The work was supported by the Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts and The Yifat Galansky studio residency program NIA+

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